[solved] VBO Model Framework

So I was working on a little project I was making, and I was starting on Entities, but I really need a way to load good VBO models with textures. Yes, there are allot of tutorials for model loading, but just not with textures, and how do I get them to work with animation also?

I’m not expecting them to look like there from a collage graduate, it is a voxel engine after all. So basically, maybe a .obj with textures and animation?

Dis might be something you’re looking for. Though I haven’t implemented all the tutorial, I read some of it and it was promising.


Thats ALLOT of information.

I’m pretty sure this is the easy part. The hard part is probably setting up bone animations.

Here’s a tutorial for exporting bone animations made in Blender to COLLADA.


I kinda just wanted something along the lines of a square body, and just something simple for walking. I’m just not sure how to make the models look like… models.

I guess I could think of something. Thanks for the tutorials though! I have them bookmarked for if I want something more in depth.

If you want something like minecraft, you can just code it. I think notch coded them without any modeling software.

you probably should not use collada, it is a bloated inconsistent file format. Try something easier like MD5.

Or if you don’t want to worry about vertex skinning, MD2 or MD3 work well