[SOLVED] Move one game object to another (moving) game object with libGDX

I need to do what I thought would be a fairly simple and common task - move one game object (some sort of throwing/shooting weapon) to another object (the target of the shot). The target will be moving slowly and I want the attack to always hit.

I googled extensively for this, but only found a few things that might help and none of them were Java or libGDX specific. The resources I did find were this one and this one. The last one references libGDX, but the answer doesn’t seem to me to be libGDX specific.

As a result of trying to translate those solutions into libGDX/Java I now have the following in the class representing the object to be moved:

Vector2 direction;

    public void init(TigerActor target) {
        this.target = target;
        direction = new Vector2();
        direction.x = target.getX() - position.x;
        direction.y = target.getY() - position.y;
        direction = direction.nor();

    public void act() {
        position.x += direction.x;
        position.y += direction.y;

The class TigerActor is a purely custom class inspired by a Scene2D actor but not a Scene2D Actor because I’m not using a Stage here.

The code above doesn’t work - it simply causes the moving object to fly along very quickly on a horizontal line.

Any suggestions on how to improve on this code or how to do it properly from “scratch” would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.