solved lwjgl3 compile-native \windows\build.xml:89: apply returned: 2

Good evening,

this would probably be a better fit in the lwjgl forum but I got no account there, hence I decided to try my luck here first.

Nuklear.h Got some additions I would like to use.
I was able to successfully edit Nuklear.kt and NuklearTypes.kt to generate the required code but I am unable to compile the natives (by invoking ant compile-native).

I am not able to extract any helpful (well, for me helpful) error message :persecutioncomplex:

Full Log

C:\Users\ClaasJG\git\lwjgl3\build.xml:380: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\Users\ClaasJG\git\lwjgl3\config\windows\build.xml:204: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\Users\ClaasJG\git\lwjgl3\config\windows\build.xml:89: apply returned: 2

I hope this is not such a stupid question :wink:
Have a nice day

I can’t find the error in the log. Could you please try “ant clean compile-templates compile-native”? If that doesn’t work, post the log again but without verbose Ant output.

Btw, I will update the Nuklear bindings soon anyway.

Invoking ant clean compile-templates compile-native I get a better description of what goes wrong.
Some Linker errors are the problem (LNK2001). Here is the full log, the Linker errors are shown at the bottom.
I will dig into that hopping to find a solution.

Thank you for your help this far
and for lwjgl at all!

lwjgl3 #237 gave it away!