Solis WIP topic

What is this project?

Solis is my current project , this is going to be one with continuous development and will have my full attention.

The game itself is about building spacecraft in 2d topdown action, the player can construct
, fight and control their entirely customizable vessel. The game will have heavy intensity on
intergalactic fights , mining and eventually multiplayer.

Current progress!

  • Fully functional editor.
  • Somewhat usable Guis!
  • Functional Main screen!
  • Efficient opengl based renderer
  • Full user input.
  • Exploration (WIP - 10%)
  • Object interaction (WIP-70%)
  • Entitys and playables (Not started - 0%)
  • Fights and other ships/stations (Not started - 0%)
  • Mining and resources (WIP , resources started -25% , mining Not started - 0%)

In detail
The game currently utilizes Lwjgl , specifically the opengl features not much else , everything other than that is written by me. Currently the game utilizes two main rendering methods (and a few others for things such as text and GUIS) , the main being perobject and layerbatching. Perobject: speaks for itself new vbo per object , I use this in situations where I have a large number of tiles that will be edited frequently , for instance the editor , in the out of dock layerbatching is used , two layers are reserved specifically for tiles , 1 layer for items(stacking dependant on size) , 1 layer for players and the top layer for effects. Only the tiles are stored in a multi dimensional array, the items are stored in arraylists generated when objects are created. Entitys are all stored in one array and are then rendered.

Demo download,very basic build editor

Future plans
  • Multiplayer
  • Mining
  • Fights
  • Full scale galactic battles (I enjoyed typing this one)
  • Resource and energy system
  • Ship crew management and health systems
  • Full ship control mode

Most of the program has been recoded , took only about a week almost half the amount of code with a performance increase of about 1700fps , this includes a new UI and much more efficient text rendering and image updating. It is also more memory efficient using a tiny amount of space for a tile (8 floats and a string) instead of lots (entire VBO class , 20 floats , string , multiple other objects ).
Here is a picture

Further update:
Basically entire engine rewrite , initial introduction of entities , a huge number of other improvements.
Current updated features:
Entity movement.
Correct ship movement.
Electrical systems.
Basic controls.
GUI updates.