So, Whats First?

What do you guys do first when starting a game:

Code Boilerplate and Basic game functions

Make some art

Make some music

Make some promotional stuff and talk to people about your idea

I usually would code and make the assets as I go. Recently however, I wanted to spend a great deal of time on my art. My last games weren’t too graphically (Or even really mechanically) amazing. Now, since I’m doing what I’m quite terrible at, I really just don’t want to work on it. So, what do you guys do first and what do you recommend?

If you suck at everything equally bad, by all means focus on something you suck at, no matter how quickly you lose your motivation. If you have skills, however, focus on your skills.

If you work on marketing and the projects falls over, epic fail. Not only did you fail, but you failed in front of lots of people (depending on how successful your marketing was).

If you did art or music, most of the time you can recover some of it for another project.
If you actually started making the game, then you are making the game and don’t need to worry about other stuff. (Wow!)

Make something productive.

Usually I start with some data structures, most often the map, and then the display code. That needs some graphics so these come next.