SMF is falling apart.

Please report any malfunction in this thread, so we have a central place to report oddities and plain breakage.

Just a few minutes ago I logged out, just to check whether everything was still working, and found out the registration captcha was broken. People must have only been able to register accounts through the Google/Facebook ‘fallback’ services I added quite some time ago.


  • when replying, ‘insert quote’ does not seem to work anymore
  • register-captcha is broken
  • some people do not get their account-activation/password-reset/email-change-confirmation emails, bricking their accounts
  • wiki has some issues with https images
  • submitting incorrect password causes “Username” message
  • (non SMF) irc-logger needs a restart

Please notify me of anything I missed.

I will try to find some time to work my way through the backlog in weekends, have patience. :point: