Smartphone external IP problem

I’m trying to connect my game to the server and It’s working properly in the same network and unlocking the port forwarding in my router. So I can connect using my smartphone 3G/4G to my external IP from my router or both local.

Working: Same Network (Android-Client) --> Same Network (Desktop-Server).
Working: 3G/4G (Android-Client) --> My external IP from my router (Desktop-Server).

Working: Same Network (Android-Server) --> Same Network (Desktop-Client).
Not Working: 3G/4G (Android-Server) --> Same Network (Desktop-Client).

This is weird because I can’t ping to my 3G/4G external IP using ping command, but I can connect to my desktop server from 3G/4G android client.

I’m getting the external IP of Android device provider here (accessing with android browser): but the ping to this IP don’t work.

Maybe 3G/4G internet protocol need some additional information in the address?? ???

Aha - how you go to this?)

Technically it’s useless idea.

But you may Use static IP forward to Linux (Android) ^^
(don’t sure but may work if do it right)
(*Connect phone to some forward IP then send data to this IP and IP send to phone)

Imho: you have no idea how network works XD
3G/4G IP - is Company Router hi have tousend connect phones to 1 IP, and when you send package to external IP you want hi magically resend them to you’r phone :smiley:

I’m just hosting the server using kyronet, but I can’t connect to Android server using the external IP and I really don’t know exactly how Mobile Providers works xD. But I already imagined that the ISP connection should not allow this, as there are various connected devices in the same link and I thought it could be some ID for each device where I could use to identify it… =(

I think the only way would be to have a separate server to manage both like you said.

So, I can’t connect Server --> Client using the mobile provider connection on server side, right? The client side using mobile provider works good, can send and receive properly.


  • Dedicated server to manage the connection.
  • LAN.
  • Virtual router options on Android (but only close devices can connect and not internet users =/).

Can ) but better don’t do that ^^
(only for p2p connect small game, not like game server for minecraft)


  • Dedicated server to manage the connection and resend data.
    *(VPN like hamachi)
  • Dedicated server that process all)
  • LAN.
  • WIFI Lan
  • Virtual router options on Android (but only close devices can connect and not internet users =/).
    –hack 3g Router and forward data on some port to you’r phone, or maybe buy legal static IP from 3g provider.

IMHO: for local lan use WIFI Lan,
for all other you can buy VPS it cost 10-20$ per month, for small game you don’t need more.
*Internet VPN to lan(android server) like cheat, harder to implement - not so easy like VPS.

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