Slick2D - Ripple effect on images

Hi everybody I’m very bothered because I want to make a wind effect on my trees but I don’t know how ??? ??? ???

I think that, it will be easy to make ripple effect on my image or something like that.
So I learn on google that’s easy to make it with lwjgl, but I really don’t know how to use it and how it works :persecutioncomplex:.

So my question is : it is possible to modify an image with lwjgl (make that ripple effect frame per frame on the image) and render it with regular slick2D. Or is it possible to use slick2D graphics and lwjgl graphics at the same time ?

Is there an other simpler method to make this wind effect ?

Thanks for all the answers :wink:

what if a tree is build of smaller parts that can move a little bit according to wind direction ?

Another idea: pixel art! Example:

Thanks a lot :wink: (I didnt see your post because I am working really hard for my studies :o) but I already think about this solution, seems great. Actually I have to learn shadering for all other little animation of water or some other ;D ;D

I just posted this topic in the wrong section, so I will post new questions in newbie, i think