Skyrim 4K

From 6GB to 4KB? Can it be possible?! It can! Here it is;


SKYRIM 4K[/url]

Hack your way through armies! Emasculate giants! Get killed by dragons! Acquire an immortal follower! Travel through unique hand-crafted landscapes! It’s nearly all here! Have fun!

Fantastic! Graphics and gameplay are great.
I managed to run thru most enemies and only got killed by the dragon’s swoop from behind me.
I noticed that the enemies’ attacks do not harm each other. It would be cool if they hurt each other.
Very cool game

The parallax scrolling is lovely, really gives it that mountainous feeling. The stick character animations are also my favourite. I keep getting killed though and am feeling a bit like cannon fodder… More dodging needed probably.

Very cool ;D

I found it pretty hard not to die very quickly at first, but eventually worked out 2 strategies for winning the fights - either striking very quickly first or luring the enemy into an attack and counter-attacking. Still I think it could be interesting to have a defensive mode as well?

My other suggestions are to lengthen the damage distance for the player’s weapon a bit (feels like you have to be nearly on top of the enemy at the moment) and to add running animations (depends on the size obviously…).

Aww, I get a class not found exception for the class “A”. I was really looking forward to it!


The environment that you designed feels like Skyrim, which is a success. I especially appreciated your depiction of the Throat of the World, in the background.

The final fight may happen around the stone gate, to make it more memorable. And the gate would not open until the death of the final boss.

And no follower was immortal in Skyrim. My Lydia was very hard to kill, but finally a dwemer centurion steamed her. Anyway, it was time to replace her with Aela the Huntress…

I got it to work in IE :slight_smile: Nice game, the timing to hit the dragons is quite hard and the double dragon/troll fights are almost impossible to handle without dying at least once.

Also, my friend didn’t seem to ever do anything…?


Very nice, and very hard - the three giants at once was tricky. I loved the horsemen- I would have liked to see more of them.

:o :o :o
Too hard for me but what a great little game. Congratz!!!

I have to try this when I get home!

-Pickle :slight_smile:

Now all the game needs is mammoths falling from the sky!

Hey Guys, thanks for all the support! I’m glad you enjoy playing it as much as I do!
This is one occasion where I really hit the 4K limit hard - I really wanted to put in the force shout and or firebolts but I just couldn’t do it!
I’m getting the message that many of you think it’s a bit too hard - should I increase the sword range to make it a little easier?
I must confess I’ve only ever beaten the game once without dying, so maybe I should!

the horse and normal guys are easy peasy, the current problem is dragons (demands a really, really, good timing) and when you get 2 dragons or 2/3 trolls at once.


One small guy wasn’t moving towards me, so I went through him, and he started running to the left. I followed him to the left end of the map, and he was just standing there half a screen length from me. When I started running right again, he followed me, still half a screen length away.

Really nice game, though :slight_smile:

That is your companion. (S)he doesn’t do much though except for causing some confusion (I had the same experience as you).


Aaaahh, not very intuitive ^^

Ok, I’ve updated the game to give the dragonborn a longer sword-arm which means he can kill the first two foot-soldiers that try to rush him - quite satisfying!

I think my Lydia is slightly more useful than the real one. I finally parked her at Breezehome after she repeatedly got me killed by being too noisy when sneaking or worse, by randomly running off and stirring up nearby enemies…
To add insult to injury she’d always call out ‘Are you lost?’ every time I went back there!

Yes, much better. Died 3 times now (getting two dragons that are swooping in right after another isn’t fun as you always get hit by the second one). With some luck in regards to that I can see it doable to finish it without dying now. Good job! :slight_smile: