Sky Burner 2 - Operation Garuda (Sequel Game from Sky Burner - Independent Wars)

Hello everyone,
I just want to share about my sequel game. The game is for mobile device which is support java and available on Nokia Ovi Store and another open portal such as mobile rated, mobango and etc.

This game is a sequel from Sky Burner - Independent Wars, you can look here

The game is SHMUP and look likes an arcade classic game but with modern style, and also the game have Challenging level and Bosses.
You can also change the aircraft and also upgrade the aircraft and buy some equipment in the store.

There is 7 Aicrafts and every each aircraft have different story.

this is a few pics

and here is the trailer


You can download and play it for free, here is the link

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Thank you for viewing! ;D

The design is flawless and the gameplay looks nice (I love a great shmup) but the music is just wierd. This game deserves better music.

nice SMUP. The music is not really ideal for the game.

did you mean the music on the trailer or music on the game?

if you mean the music on the trailer, yes we need to make it much better.
Thank you for your comment. :wink: