Skin Editor for libGdx Projects


released app:

Just unzip it and run the jar.
You have to run the jar from the command line: java -jar skin_editor_v0.31.jar

The GUI window comes up: Create your project and create the skins for your libGdx projects.

:point: This is really nice, i tried it and everything i got to test yet works (mostly)!

Some critique:

  • The debug lines are still active in some parts of the editor
  • The fade in/out is looking good but the fade speed is annoyingly slow.
  • Ninepatch tool :The bottom/right selectors (seem to) do nothing. A precise (input pixel coordinates) size selection would be practical
  • Selecting an image to use in a field does not work after creating a new ninepatch or importing an image, it only works after changing tabs one or two times, refreshing resoruces does nothing
  • Being able to set a different editor-background color would also be a nice feature to test dark skins