Six Roads - multiplayer turn-based strategy game

Hi, guys!

I’d like to present to you my game called Six Roads. The game is primarily focused on asymmetric multiplayer battles. It has a fully moddable engine with a small set of strict rules. In fact, the “official” gamemode is nothing more than a bunch of scripts, attributes and textures.

I’m only prototyping the game, so it has no audio, no cool 3d/ui graphics, no modding tools, and a lot of bugs.
It might freeze, unexpectedly close or even not launch.

Used Tools
I wrote this game in Java 8 using LWJGL 3 for graphics and netty for client/server code. Also I used LuaJ for lua script engine and ImGui bindings for Kotlin for a fast ui development.

Features so far
Only Local/Internet multiplayer mode is available. If public server is unavailable and you want to play with your friends by one Wi-Fi, you can start you own LAN server.

One built-in gamemode is available for now. It includes:

  • 1 hexagonal map for 2-3 players
  • 1 faction
  • 3 unit types
  • 6 building types
  • 2 paths to victory and 2 paths to defeat

Future plans
My goal is to make the engine even more flexible and iron out the modding API, and maybe implement some sort of AI for singleplayer.

You can download jars here:

Feel free to contact me (here or by my contact information on the website) and write/ask whatever you want. Any of your feedback is welcome!