Site not available to some users

@SkyAphid/@theagentd can’t see JGO. I can. I’m just posting here on their behalf to say there’s something wrong. says it’s fine.

Cas :slight_smile:


It was down for me during several days. I’m located in France.

Whatever the problem was, it seems to be fine now. I can access the site again. theagentd had this problem too.

I’m using Brave, and he probably uses Chrome as our browsers. Brave is chromium based, so that’d make sense.

This is the error I was getting:

I have IPV6 internet.

I tried using nslookup to check the site, but it said

"homeportal can't find Server failed"

Same goes for trying to ping the site. No luck then either.

Hope this helps down the line somehow for the site maintainers. Not being able to access JGO for a few days sucked. I didn’t realize how much I love this place until I couldn’t get to it. Lol