Simplify game error reporting with Backtrace

Hello everyone, I would just like to share this tool that cuts the time spent in solving crashes and events in half and allow more focus on game development.

The video below introduces the various key capabilities of the Backtrace platform.

Click here to sign up for a free trial, and feel free to explore the website to see further materials about Backtrace’s usage.

I watched the video, the product looks ok but I don’t see how it will help much with java or any JVM based language. If I run a program and it crashes I know exactly where it failed most of the time. This looks like a support tool where things are deployed across a large environment and you want to trace crashes remotely.

Hi abcdef,

Thanks for taking time to reply! You’re absolutely correct, Backtrace is focused on giving you insights when you’re running on tens, hundreds or thousands of devices and/or microservices. Although with cloud we treat our servers like cattle instead of pets, you still want to know if hundreds of them start developing symptoms before they all croak :slight_smile:

Vincent (employee of

Vincent (employee of )

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Edit: He made a profile 1 day ago to get people on this site to sign up for this free trial then buy it.

I think it’s fine. He created his own topic and didn’t spam other threads.