Simple AI competition: Survival Game - Alienwar

I had a lot of fun with the last AI competition that was held so I thought I would try again.\

After many unsuccessfuly idea, I have created an Alien AI which is currently the leader.

Any one want to knock me off my pedestal?

hahaaa, number 1 as usual (before I jump in), omegawolf :wink:

Well, you know I like this kind of stuff, so I guess I leave my game in progress for one day and start moving.

See you at #2 :wink:

I am more than willing to succeed to a worthy opponent :slight_smile:

The shame with this version of the competition is that some information that was present in the other competition (i.e. number of alien types and map size) is not present so I could not do more intelligent things like attempt to find other aliens of my species and co-ordinate attacks