Shot 4K

What do you get it you mix of pool and soccer? Well, except for a lot of injuries and broken queues you might get Shot 4K. Use the queue to shoot the ball past or via the freakishly hovering cylinders.

I plan to move the point of view a bit higher so that one would look down a bit more onto the playingfield. Ideas?

the game’s a little slow. Speed it up for starters :slight_smile:

:-/ Most ppl say that my games are a bit too difficult… But if I speed up the “defenders” or the ball coming across, the game will be very difficult. I could give it a try, but might want to hear from more ppl before doing that. You do realize that the longer you hold down the mouse button the harder you shoot, right?

What is your best score?

I still haven’t had a perfect 20. Think 15 is the best I have done in this version, and I have coded the darn thing :wink:

Heh… the holding the mouse down thing was exactly what I needed :wink: No other complaints now, the game’s great! ;D

cool game idea! very smooth. i like it.

Loved it, kids loved it!

This seems to be the game with least complaints, and most appreciated here at work :slight_smile: I have however made some improvements (I hope). I changed the point of view and added a grid on the ground to make it easier to aim, increasing speed instead of random, keyboard support, and some smaller tweaks. Oh yeah, made the goalposts superfat, to make it easier to sidepost-in.

Hope you think changes are improvements. Does it need difficulty levels? I hope most ppl score some goal and very few score 100%…

it’s really a cool game. have played it for a while now. but my best result was 12 hits. :frowning:

i’m interested in the way you handle the mouse input (“trap” the pointer inside the window etc.). would you mind posting some mouse handling code snippets?

In short, this is it:

      Robot robot = new Robot();

      protected void processMouseMotionEvent(final MouseEvent evt) {
            playerx += evt.getX() - 400;
            robot.mouseMove((int) yourJFrame.getLocation().getX() + 400, (int) yourJFrame.getLocation().getY() + 120);

I don’t care about y position yet, so I just place the cursor close to the top (120), so that a quick move up with the mouse will let you escape from the game window. The mouse move is screen relative, hence the yourJFrame.getLocation()

I will probably post the whole code, when I am done with the game, towards the end of the 4k compo.


the game is so addictive i played it the whole day. best result so far: 14 hits.

what do you think about adding a reset key or something? when i’ve had a bad start i had to close the window and start the game again.

just had 16 hits! 8)

really original ideia? nice game! I’ve got 20! ;D

[quote]I’ve got 20! ;D
:o>:( :frowning: :-/ :wink:

Thanks for the complements. :smiley:

Enter will start/restart at any time, used to be that you just got next ball a bit quicker, but is now restart anytime.

[quote]really original ideia? nice game! I’ve got 20! ;D
Good work! Does this mean I have to create a harder level? Or should I maybe just increase to 25 or 30 shots? I have now also managed to get a perfect 20, but only once. :slight_smile: