Slightly warmed over version of what would have been my entry for the 2005 LWJGL competition.

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Webstart SharpShooter16k

20 Nov 2011: Fixed Jinput controller bug; Full screen now in desktop resolution; Updated Webstart to reduce the number of warning dialogs
24 Nov 2011: Updated levels to increase difficulty gradient. Added Fog on some levels. Player actively attacked from Level 5
25 Nov 2011: Improved Timing; Minor tweak to level 5. No more changes planned at the moment.
26 Nov 2011: Tweaked colour scheme for better gamma

I’m lazy, and I’m an idiot. Webstart please ::slight_smile: . I dont have the lwjgl natives lying around.

Game, does not start

I loved it! Great graphics, music, and gameplay for a 16KB game!!!

You have to include lwjgl.jar, lwjgl-util.jar, jinput.jar, and all the natives yourself.

EDIT: Oh no! Link is now dead :’(

ok, instead of clicking on an applet I have to search, download and position specific jar-files in the correct folder.

The .zip is packaged without the LWJGL files as per the comp instructions.

I have added a webstart version. However there’s a pile of warning dialogs to click thru. The one about a mixture of signed and unsigned code is peculiar as everything was signed. The JRE wouldn’t recognise the component-desc tag which might be part of the problem.

lwjgl.jar, lwjgl-util.jar, and jinput.jar are not signed by the way :wink:

In order to make entry trivial, I’ve requested that people simply package the zip file with their .bat and .sh starters and jar files; unzip these into a directory that also contains the other libraries as detailed in this post here. Webstart is non-trivial to set up for people, and applets are remarkably unreliable. This way is a minor pain until someone comes up with something better.

This isn’t to say you can’t do webstart or applets. Just that it stands a considerably better chance of working this way.

Cas :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with applets? I always hear you complaining about them yet I have never had a problem with them.

Great landscape, surprised this is in 16K :stuck_out_tongue:

Applets are slow to start up, require signing for a smooth experience, and totally inconsistent across all platforms and browsers and drivers. They literally double the chances of something not working. Almost no applets ever work properly for me.

Cas :slight_smile:

Haha, I’ve just been playing it :slight_smile: Great work, and actually pretty good fun. Going to take a while to get the crazy little ditty out of my head now.

Cas :slight_smile:

The .sh file needs to use : not ; to separate classpath entries btw.

Cas :slight_smile:

Thanks. Fixed on my local drive. Will appear in next build.

Ok, much better now to start with webstart.

(I would still favor an applet though.)

You wont reach many people with having them to download and inastall files from different places.
This is too complicated.
In the perfect scenario, the user has to only click one button to start the game.

well done! the only thing I didnt liek is sometimes it can be frustrating to find people, so maybe a mini-map or soemthing if you have the extra space?


  1. Fullscreen now in desktop resolution
  2. Game Controllers now work properly
  3. Added new Trusted-Library and Trusted-Only manifest entries to remove mixed code warning dialog.

Works great on OS X. Although I couldn’t find anyone to shoot :(.

+1 for the Webstart link - I wouldn’t have bothered running it if I had to do more than click + hit “Allow”/“OK” a couple of times…

I do need to figure out a slightly better way of dealing with “deployment” but right now the key issue is not being an obstacle to developers deploying the game. So long as I can run the things that’s fine for me, I’m all right Jack etc etc.

Cas :slight_smile:

Updated to increase difficulty gradient of levels. This makes level 5 very difficult and haven’t managed 6 yet. ;D