Sharp Shooter 4K game (new version Feb 27)

How good are your sharp shooting skills? Try to hit as many targets as you can in a camaflaged background.

Use the mouse only.

Right click to toggle the scope.
Left click to fire.

You can only fire when you are in scope mode.

Top left number is your score.
Top middle is the multiplier.
Top right is how many targets are left to appear.
Bottom middle is the level.

For every target you hit, your multiplier increases by 0.25. This affects your scoring for each target. Also the targets only stay for 10-15 seconds after they appear. If they disappear before you shoot them, your muliplier goes down by 1 full point. If your multiplier goes below 1 then it is game over.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Also I can make a good chunk of room if I ditch the music. Let me know if the music is too annoying.

The music is TOO ANNOYING! What kind of sniper has the ‘manic miner’ theme on his ipod???
I’ll check it out when there’s a ‘music off’ option! :wink:

Cool game, and it actually looks quite good when you’re zoomed in.

One bug:

sometimes I can’t see the mouse aimer after zooming in and missing, when the game restarts. I have to right-click to see the cross-hair again.


Nice and simple game.

It seems like the foreground objects just keep adding on every time you restart, making it impossible to even get a glimpse of the target after a few restarts.

One idea might be to have the different layers in different shades of colors, so that background objects are red-ish and foreground objects are green-ish or darker the further away the objects are. It would make it a bit easier to estimate where you can get a shot off.

Also seems like the difficulty jumps a bit much at level 2, or maybe I just suck at it/need more practice.

It completely hangs here after every shot. I don’t know if that’s by design, but it’s completely unplayable here. :frowning:

I does hang for about half a second hear, because I am chaning sounds. Does it freeze on your computer? I might have to drop the music to stop the freezing.


I know what is causing that. I’ll fix it soon.

I do turn up the max speed slightly for each level. I’ll reduce the amount a little more to slow it down.

Thanks for the replies.

I think I will remove the music. It is causing more problems than I want. That will also allow me to add more features.

I’ll post when a new version is up.

Ok, I got rid of the music and fixed the disappearing cursor bug.

@ulfjack: Can you please try again to see if it has stopped freezing?

@SimonH: That music is also the theme for Doriath on the old Commodore 64. It is called In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Greig. I got rid of it, so it should be less annoying. Can you try it now? Thanks.

I now have over 600 bytes to add some features. I will probably add different target types and see if I can improve the background/foreground camoflage.

Yes, it’s much much better now. Very nice!

It’s funny that the shooting sound is always a little late here…

Yeah, same here. I don’t know how to make start on time.

Pretty hard :slight_smile:

Are you joking or serious? I want to try to balance it. I don’t throttle it, so if you have a fast machine then it would be pretty fast.

I’ll add some code to keep the speed consistent and see what happens.


I think the difficulty comes from the fact that the targets stay hidden for so long it’s impossible to shoot them before time runs out.

Edit: After reading the other comments, this might be due to the multiple restarts issue, where the camo objects are added and cause too much clutter?

Also, it’d be a cool feature if you could add more to the multiplier based on where you hit the target - e.g. add 1.0 for a bullseye, 0.5 for the white wing, and 0.25 for the outer red ring, -0.1 for a missed shot.

Edit 2: Cool concept, but it’s definitely annoying to have the game end without ever seeing a target - this happens very frequently.

Edit 3: Maybe the targets should “blend in” with the background instead of being obscured by the background? I mean, a few obstructors would make it interesting, but only if they never completely hide the target or if they do, not for very long.

I haven’t put a new version up yet, but I increased the time to 20-25 seconds.

There may be a bug here. There is a fixed amount of foreground clutter each level(the same amount). I may not be clearing the foreground before regenerating it. I’ll look into that.

I have a lot of space, so that is probably doable. I’ll definitely look at ti.

Hopefully the above fixes will stop this. Also I do want to look at the way I make the camo to see if I can improve it

I definitly want to improve this.

Thanks for all the comments.

Yea it seems like its doubling the ammount of “camoflauge” when the game ends and starts again, so after 2 losses it becomes pretty much impossible, unless im missing something :stuck_out_tongue:

No, you’re right. I checked and that is what it was doing. I’ll have a new version ready in the next day or 2.

A new version is up.

release notes:

  • changed background camoflage
  • updated forground coverings to be translucent and reduced the amount
  • fixed bug that didn’t clear the forground before regenerating a new one
  • you now get different multiplier increments for accuracy
    • +1x for bullseye
    • +0.5x for white
    • +0.25x for outer red
  • if you miss you only lose 2x instead of dropping all the way back to 1x
  • if a target disappears before you shoot it you lose 2x
  • targets now stay 30-40 seconds but are slightly faster
  • capped the frame rate for faster machines

Let me know what you think. I have a lot of room left, so any suggestions are welcome.

Wow. Surprisingly easier and yet harder at the same time. I guess that’s because I get further in the game, and so can notice the difficulty increasing.

This is a great concept. I love the scope effect.

Edit: Two more suggestions - 1. Display the results of the shot (e.g. “Miss”, “Bullseye!”,“Inner”,“Outer”) in the middle of the scope? 2. have a “reloading” delay between shots.

Great work, keep it up.