Shard Master Classic - WIP

Heavily inspired by RuneScape Classic, Shard Master Classic is a game that I hope to actually “finish.”

Written on top of my engine, Envel II, this game offers graphical capabilities that RuneScape Classic could not offer at its time such as shadows, textured landscape, perspective correct texture mapping, slightly higher resolution, and 3D walls.

There is no click-move style of gameplay in Shard Master Classic, movement is done with WSAD.

new pic:

old pics:

really old pics:


Absolutely fantastic ^^ I always love to see 3d projects in Java.

I get about 48-64 fps while moving around the map, though the screen is a little hard to see as my monitor res is 2880x1800 :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps add in a scale setting?

I cant wait to see this develop!

Yeah sorry about the screen res, runescape classic was 512x344-ish and mine runs at 512x384, i’ll definitely look into scaling the game up. My monitor is 2560x1440, so it’s slightly smaller than yours, so I can understand what you’re saying.

I’m curious to know about your memory usage. A friend of mine running Linux was reporting ridiculously high memory usage. The game running on my Mac however was staying at a constant 75,000 kb.

Thank you!

The game starts off at about 72,000k mem usage and 70-75 fps.

After I walk around the whole map (5-6 minutes) the memory is about 100k and fps is 60-70.

Thank you for that information

EDIT: What do you guys think of this layout

Not much, because it prevents you from using a fullscreen mode.

How do you suggest I go about doing it? This current layout seems to be the easiest way for me to implement a user interface.

Do it in a way that keeps a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio.

I don’t wish to scale those UI sprites though because they are buttons and gigantic buttons would be weird.

You don’t have to upscale anything. Just make your tabs’ content overlap with the actual scene rendering and don’t show it below it (just like any other RPG game does it…). You can either replace the scene with a tab’s content or overlay it in a kind of window. It depends on what it is and how you want it to be used.

I’m trying really hard to make this as distant from Runescape classic as possible :s

in RSC they had the interfaces overlap the game rendering and they had transparency everywhere. I think that having the tab content underneath is smart because it allows the player to keep a tab open at all times

Try it out!

You are free to do whatever you want. But you asked for opinions, and I don’t like it that way. Simply because you can’t play fullscreen with that layout (unless you prefer to play with big black borders to the left and to the right, of course…). Especially a RPG should be immersive…and playing in a small window on a desktop full of icons and stuff isn’t particularly immersive IMHO (In other words: I wouldn’t play it that way…).

Yes I understand. I know my goals for this game and I know the feel that I am aiming for, hard to explain but it doesn’t need fullscreen capabilities. It’s good to have this game running on the side of your desktop so that you can play it while you do other things.

This is going to be the layout

First off, I’d just like to say there’s something special about RSC graphics and the vibe your project is giving off. Even if you stray completely away from it, as you said, I think I’d love playing something like this. Any goals for gameplay or story? Really excited to see what you do with this neat engine you made. :slight_smile:

As for performance:

  • Beginning FPS: ~45 Mem: 50k
  • After moving around map FPS: ~40 Mem: 60-80K

My computer can definitely handle more than this. Are you limiting the amount of frames your engine can output?

Thank you! That means a lot :).

No story, you can make your own if you want.
As for gameplay goals, I want to make as many things interactive as possible, I want items to work like real life items and things that you’d expect to work should work. I love strict role playing and games likes Oblivion and Runescape somewhat satisfied my needs but I need MORE haha.

These goals are a bit large however I’ll do my best to do it.

Yes I am limiting the frames to 40. I do it to prevent your CPU from being eaten alive lol

Er, why 40 instead of 60? Hell, why not let the user pick? I’m sure some people here have 120Ghz monitors and would rather play at 120 if their computer can handle it.

It doesn’t render faster than 50fps haha

Do you mean the engine is limited to 50 fps or your computer can’t handle your engine at higher rates? Regardless, you should still let the user choose. And optimize your engine.

No my computer can’t push out more than 50 fps.

The engine is as optimized as I can make it without making the rendering code hard to read/edit.