Hi everyone, I’m new to Java-Gaming and Java4K and I was seduced by the challenge.
So I’ve made a 3D Mah-jong Solitaire based on colored tiles :

The hardest and funniest part was to put all in a 4K archive.
Hope it will work for everyone !

Amazing 3D game! I beat the game without using any of my hints ;D

I guess it should be congratulations

there were hints ?
anyway beat it too, and I dont even usually play mahjong =D

liked it

oh yeah nice hint animation =D

Thanks for having tried it !
LOL, i’ve corrected the spelling mistake :wink:

The world scrolling is smooth. Hint effect is nice. Just some colors look same. Great work!

Perhaps the ‘s’ was 1 byte too much for 4096B :wink:

Nice game btw, I’m always impressed by those 3D games that fit in a such small file.

Yes, that’s it ! So i’ve been forced to remove another letter somewhere in the game :wink:
Hope this one will not be discovered ;D

Very impressive on a technical level. But some colors remain too confusing, especially the darker ones in a tone…

Hi StephR, can you say me which colours are confused please, because I can’t see the problem on my screen. Thanks

The tiles with confusing colors have been marked with a black star on the following picture :

It seems that it depends a lot on the perspective. On the quality of my screen too, certainly. And maybe on my own sight ! Anyway, more contrast between some colors would be welcome.

Agree with the colors pattern.

I’ve updated (one more time ;D) the colors, but in fact, when you rotate the board, you change the lightning of tiles because the light comes from you : the faces which are in front of you are more lit than which are on the sides.

I’ve also added a new board that you can choice on the start page with the right button of the mouse.

This time, I do not touch any more the content, but i can still change the colors :wink:

No more complaints from me about your colors ! Nice addition to your game with this new board. A very neat game on a technical level.