Server for an Android [Java] Game.

Hello java-gaming. This is my first post and I am a totally new member here.

I have in my mind to create a 4 players Java turn-based game for Android devices but it’s my first time so I have to do some research first.
What is that I should have in my mind for the server?
In what language is better to create it? Are there Cons and Pros?
Where you should suggest me to start the search from?

Thanks very much for your times guys and girls.

I would use a php-server or a java one (Haven’t used any other language for networking yet). Php in case of low/not difficult actions which have to be performed. If you have to check if the userinput is valid / do simulations etc, I would go for java. You might also have a look at peer to peer connections:
But am not that familiar with efficient networking :slight_smile:

Thanks man. I will look forward for a Java server then and do some reading in networking in general.

I am working on an asynchronous turn based android game myself and using python for the server that just serves http post requests. It’s my first time using python and I must say, it’s great for building a simple interface for database requests! Would recommend!

Hey man. I am working on a turn based android game but is synchronous. Do you think that I should go for python? Did you have any tutorials for something like that to read?

I didn’t use any specific tutorials, I just simply googled what I didn’t understand - sorry.

For me personally, if it’s a synchronous game, I would just stick to using standard sockets and use the same language on both sides.

Check out which is an amazing net library and fun to use too. Works with Android (TCP only) as well

I’m pretty sure I’ve used both UDP and TCP with Android/kryonet.