Scaling my games? Performance loss?

Hey guys,

I recently started working on a side-scroller where the background images fill the entire screen, and there are many background images put together to form the game.

But, I wanted to know how the game scaling should be done? My game is full-screen and obviously there’s hundreds of monitors and some with really really odd aspect ratios and sizes. Obviously, if all the monitors had the same aspect ratio the scaling would be fine as there would be no warping.

But I am scaling a smaller image to the size of the screen, if the monitor is shaped oddly, wouldn’t the image stretch and warp itself to a point where it will look extremely odd?

Also, I am using Slick, and each background image is an image scaled to the size of the screen, and I’m currently not rendering off-screen images, but for some reason rendering a background images cuts my frame-rate from 4000 fps to 2000 which seems like a bit too large of a performance drop just for rendering one image.

Am I rendering this properly? If not, how should I be rendering these images?