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Hey guys,
First of all though this is my first post I don’t want to come-off as spammy straight away, so thanks for having me :slight_smile:

If you have heared of the MMORPG RuneScape by Jagex, then you will know the addictiveness of playing such a massive online game. Though some of us grow older and don’t have the time to grind for experience and attempt to ‘Complete’ the game. Well after playing the game for many years as a kid and growing through my teen years also playing the game, I eventually, like many turned to what was back then, Scripting the game using Pascal on a a piece of software called Scar. A Community had grown from this and the community was called - though this was eventually shut-down but still lingers in the back of the internet 8).

Regardless, This was the home of what is now known as the RSPS Scene, the RuneScape Private Server scene.

A Private server is basically a Game server which has been written around a deobfuscated version of the Actual RuneScape client, used to play the game. Though ‘Client hacking’ is against Jagex’s terms of use, the development of Servers to allow players to login and play the game with a whole new view on the game is completely Okay.

I administrate a community of developers who spend all day doing nothing but re-engineering Servers and Clients to give their playerbase something different to play on, some are RuneScape where everywhere is accessible, everything is obtainable, and all completely Membership-free. Some have established economies over time, some have developed up to the current version of the game, without the thousands of hours of content, but with enough for it to still be enjoyable.

All Private Servers and Clients are written in Java. (sometimes people branch out and try new things like Elixir, Rust or C++/#)

We are always welcoming new members and even more so - people who can actively help teach and enlighten newer members who have just found us straight from playing the real game - and push the scene into the direction it needs to go.

I am Ian O’Neill, and I’m apart of ; I hope to see you there.

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I’m sorry to be a bit harsh but either admit that is “for profit” or remove the ads and the trackers (at least 6 according to ublock-origin) from this website. Don’t tell me that you need some money to run your server, I won’t believe you as I practice self-hosting and I only pay 8 € per month for the VPN subscription, I paid about 60 € for the hardware, nothing that would justify using ads as a compensation. Lol maybe you’re terribly poor :stuck_out_tongue: In my humble opinion, promoting proprietary tools and using a proprietary freeware VoIP application disparaging its main open source competitor aren’t the best ways of attracting free software developers using only free software. By the way, Mumble rocks ;D … and there are tons of less narrow minded developers than me here. Good luck.

bump, are you tired of the wannabe staff at rune-server? THEN RUNE-STATUS IS FOR YOU!

I assume that you’re a cover of IanWONeill lol.