Rubylands! [teaser, very alpha]

It’s extremely alpha still, but it’s my new project.

So I create an account, get N heroes and can click on the quest button to automatically level them - did I miss any features?
Though I appreciate the early access, you realy weren’t kidding with teaser, very alpha ;D

Its hard to comment on anything, since there really isn’t much to comment on ? - especially because of all the 404’s

Think we’ve talked about this game concept before? I hope so, it’s a really good one :slight_smile:


Hehe, yeah, it’s insanely hugely alpha, but I figured mentioning it in a few select places would encourage me to actually work on it. I’ve got the basic structure in place, with jsp, mysql and css.

Yep, this is it. =D

Aw, you can’t tease us with a comment like that and not explain what you’re aiming for. ;D

Oh, ok. =)

It’s going to be a fantasy group manager. You don’t actually do any quests yourself, but rather assemble, equip and level up heroes (who need to get paid) and send them on quests you’ve gotten from the local town. When they return, you get to see a replay of how the quest went down, and get to distribute/sell/equip any loot gathered.

So it’s a bit like those neat football manager games, except for fantasy.

The players plays the role of some leader, and also has experience points himself, letting the actual player level up to support bigger groups, better headquarters and perhaps even several simultaneous groups.

I was silly enough to still have my testing player table where passwords were stored as plaintext, so I had to reset the user table… Passwords are stored as salted SHA-256 hashes now.

Btw, does anyone have any idea why I get the white border around the #header table in css? I suck at CSS :-\

About that white border:

A table can have a cell-spacing. It’s the space between cells (doh) and around the table (!).

or td { margin:0px; }


And now you can fight enemies and fire heroes and hire new ones!
The replay isn’t animated yet, though, and the fighting is still very simplistic, but at least it’s progress. :smiley:

[quote]Bunny attacks Ganut, but misses
Bunny attacks Ganut for 4 damage
Bunny attacks Ganut for 5 damage
Mab attacks Bunny, but misses
Bunny attacks Ganut for 9 damage
Bunny attacks Ganut, but misses
Mab attacks Bunny, but misses
Mab attacks Bunny, but misses
Ganut attacks Bunny, but misses
Bunny attacks Ganut for 6 damage
Bunny attacks Ganut for 8 damage
Ganut dies!
Mab attacks Bunny for 11 damage
Bunny dies!
Heroes win the battle!
Mab gains 15 xp

Heroes win!

Hm hm hm!

The ‘game’ suffers a bit from either clientside caching, or serverside bugs.

All my hero’s were dead (pitty), yet in the status-column, they all were ‘Alive’.

Only after adding a new hero, all their rows turned red, and ‘Dead!’ was in the status-column.

Ahh, thanks =)

the ‘Random hero’ page suffers from the same caching issue (I found that it isn’t a serverside bug, as F5 does the trick)

Just insert this in your headers of any dynamic content:

Cache-control: no-cache
Cache-control: no-store
Pragma: no-cache
Expires: 0
Cache-control: must-revalidate

why isn’t one statement enough?

“cache-control: no-cache” means no caching
“cache-control: no-store” means the request may contain sensitive/personal data, so don’t store it anywhere
“pragma: no-cache” is the old http 1.0 way of saying “cache-control: no-cache”.

More here -

I have to say this sounds like a great idea :slight_smile: One worthy of ripping off, so you’d better get to it quickly and finish it before someone else does!

Cas :slight_smile:

Hi you might of forgotten about rubylands/rubydung by now. Do you still have it downloaded on your computer if you do would you be able to share it?