Ok, I’m here to present your my last game named Rubicon.

This game is some kind of arena shooter where you control an artefact placed on the middle of the screen.

Your goal is to hold on as long as you can and destroy as many enemies as you can.

You have two tools at your disposal, you can either touch the screen to shoot or raise your shield to protect you from bullets.

It’s targeted at the Android platform and relies heavily on particles

If someone know what kind of gender it is, please let me know :D.

And yes, the Rubicon is the red thing right in the middle of the screen.

As for the graphics, well it’s part… particles, part from Tyrian but those sprites are in the process of getting replaced by new ones made by Emma Payne.

Ho and it’s build with libGDX !

Well, let me know what you think !

Available here :