Robot Farm

Hey guys, I’ve updated this post (8/5/2018) to reflect our new changes. Enjoy!

"In a world that was mysteriously reset by a nearly extinction-level event, a new civilization is trying to rebuild with nothing but fractured memories of the past. When your incapacitated person is discovered one day by a kindly old man, you are thrust forward into a world that is running out of time and only has one year before another extinction event occurs. As the last living “Operator,” it falls upon you to save the world by bonding with the mysterious telepathy-controlled “Aokobots”, and traveling to receive guidance from the seven “Engineers” who can help you unlock your potential.

The question is: can you really trust these Engineers, or is something larger at play? What is the origin of the Aokobots, what caused the extinction event that erased the world, and why do the plants on your farm have feelings? It’s up to you to find the answers to all of these questions."






Wew I like this.

I’m glad you’re interested! We’ve put a lot of love into this. Please tell your friends about it so we can get as many Greenlight votes as possible.

Awesome! What happened to We Shall Wake? Just being put on the back burner for now I presume.

WSW is not off the table, it’s just we needed more time to improve our skills and the game engine itself, so we thought that spending that time on something productive like this might be fun. We’ll get right back to it after this.

Dropped a like and cared to share w friends, hope you can get trough greenlight :point:

Thanks a lot, it’s looking pretty good at the moment. :wink:

I like the way this looks—I’ll make sure to yes it up on Steam later tonight!

Is it completely turn based whereas game time passes upon the player walking around? In which case I can see you’ve got some animations going there. :wink:



I just saw this, it looks awesome.

Well done!

Congratulations in being green lit. Wish you luck with the project!

Is the previous game on hold?

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

Yes, this one is to help fund the other one + give us the experience needed to do it justice. WSW will benefit from the upgrades to the engine too.

I’ve updated the OP with new information. Here is the new video as well:


And I’ve made a blog post on our website detailing all of the changes and features of Robot Farm: