Robo Rampage 4k

Robo Rampage 4k

Robots have taken over, eradicated humanity and flattened the cities. The only men alive are 3 survivors on an space station. But hope is not lost. Humanity’s genetic code has been saved in indestructible gene pods scattered across the continents.

You must disguise yourself as a robot and beam down to collect them. But if the robots get too close they will see through your disguise. Defend yourself with the orbital laser. Good luck.

Use arrow keys to move and mouse to shoot.

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Pretty cool! :slight_smile: I like the old retro graphics, and nice story!

The explody effect on the robots & player are my favourite bit! ;D

pretty cool,

Had a slight problem with linux (ubuntu), the window opened but seemed to be slightly to small, you could only see the bottom half of the text at the top of the screen

I picked up 9 pods and all the robots were dead… is something meant to happen afterwards?

Cas :slight_smile:

I keep getting a pod inside the rightmost wall, where I can’t reach it.

Hm it says “Min JRE version: 1.5” but the JNLP file says I need 1.6.

Oops. I’ve restricted their placement a little. Hope that fixes it.

It’s just supposed to say “level complete” and then you have to do it again but with more robots. There should be 10 pods on each level. Perhaps one was lost in the wall, in which case it shouldn’t happen again.

Yeah, the window border covers some of the canvas. I’ll try to have a look at it on Linux.

I’ve changed the jnlp. It should work now with 1.5.

I got some undestroyable Bots in New York, is this planned? :o


Pretty fun, but it gets repetitive pretty fast, especially because you’ll eventually just be walking around (slowly) looking for pods after all the robots are dead. And the change of level is nothing but a change of text string.

How are they undestroyable? It isn’t intentional and isn’t something that I’ve seen.

Yeah, the levels are pretty much the same, but later levels have more robots who see you from farther away. There is only so much gameplay you can squeeze into 4k, but I’ve got some bytes left, so I’ll try to improve things. Respawning robots is probably first.

They are just undestroyable. Even a long-running Laser won’t hit them.

Running WinXP with

java version “1.6.0_07”
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_07-b06)
Java HotSpot™ Client VM (build 10.0-b23, mixed mode)

Yup, I’ll shoot a robot over and over but it won’t die.

The game should be a bit more challenging now as the robots can respawn, at a maximum of 1 robot every 2 seconds. There are 4 respawn points towards the corners - they all flash when it happens. Because of this the robots now have 360 degree movement, or else they’d all be moving along the same lines. Which means that you can now outrun them along diagonals. I think I’ll leave it like that.

And 2 bug fixes -

Missing pods (I was resetting the counter when you died)
Unkillable robots on levels 2+ (I wasn’t looping through all of them)

And still more than 100 bytes left. Any suggestions?

This game is hilarious. Love the retrographics. It’s really low rez. It reminds me of Berzerk (Atari 2600). I like how the laser carves out a trench in the ground that remains there. I like the blood effect. I like the controls where you move with the keyboard and you target with the mouse. However, due to the pseudo-3D perspective, you have to aim for the feet of the enemy robots. I can’t figure out what the goal is. How do I advance to the next city? I killed lots of robots and I can’t seem to destroy the spawn points. There are no obstacles or walls except around the board perimeter. There are no objects to collect. Consequentially, it seems a bit repetitive. Sometimes the enemies aggressively follow me to the point where I can’t defend myself. It would be nice to be able to outrun them.

Well, you have to collect the blue ‘pods’. There are ten per level and a counter in the corner of the screen.

As for the aiming, the reason you have to aim for the robot’s feet is that the laser is supposed to be coming straight down from space.

The spawn points can’t be destroyed or it would probably be too easy. I did think about putting in walls, but because the laser is aimed independent of your position you would effectively be able to shoot ‘through’ them. You could just hide and pick them all off.

But glad you liked it. Simple low res art is about all I can manage. :smiley: