Only a few bytes left to fill, so probably just as well to publish it:


This is a car racing game. Finish the four laps in first place to advance to the next level.

Arrow-keys to steer. Press enter at any time to (re)start the level.

Feedback welcome.

looking good.

I think the collisions should be more elastic… ie you can push cars out of the way (and they can push you)

Good job. Plays realy well!
I think the elasticity of the collisions is just about right imo.

Furthest I’ve got is Level 7, Best time: 35.969.
I only got past level 6 by the fluke that the fastest car got stuck (and actually finished 3rd!).

Now you just need to come up with an algorithm for random track generation, get rid of that hideous wall texture, and change the skid marks to continuous lines! :smiley:

Wow I love the handling. A lot of racing games have very frustrating controls and it’s easy to make one wrong move and fail but these are very forgiving and handle the inertia well (perhaps not entirely realistically, but in a nice arcade like way).

HOWEVER you do have a bug/exploit that I managed to find.

Turn your car around, hold down reverse, and never let go. Your car can reach astronomical speeds. :slight_smile: I’m gonna guess you added a positive cap but not a negative, heh.


haha, that bug is fantastic.

btw, after abit of playing - this exploit exposes a new bug.
The AI cars start getting stuck on the inside of corners at level 10+, so much so that their lap times begin to deteriorate. (the cars scream along the straights twice as fast as you, and then get stuck on the corner until the car behind gives them a shunt).

Looks nice and runs surprisingly fast on my really slow machine. Good work! :slight_smile:

After about 5 laps all AI cars crashed into the wall in the lower right (going straight from the finish line).

wow game is really great, brilliant work.

btw just a small issue on linux, would it be possible to move the score text down a bit as linux apps get this horrible massive ugly bar at the top, which sort of covers it. example

Great work! yours is one of my favorites :wink:

but I hate when I touch the wall and speed go down so much! :stuck_out_tongue: And if you can do something with that weird wall texture :-\

Hi, thanks for all the feedback. Glad to see that there aren’t too many feature requests. :slight_smile: Only 69 bytes left, and I have already run out of steam…

Yep, I think a bite more sliding would be nice in collisions, but I have already created more realistic collision in another game and that code alone was probably more than 10K :slight_smile:
You CAN push cars. Try it after the race is over and the AI cars are still, But yeah, you sort of slip of the cars quite easy, so you don’t really have to avoid collisions as much as I would have wanted.

Thanks, Yep, gets really hard at lvl 7. Good time. Close to my best (without exploits).
Anyone else wants texture gone? I think skidmarks needs to be a bit scattered, probably should be more scattered, but hey it’s a 4K game :slight_smile:

Heh, knew about the exploit, but not about the problem at lvl 10. Might have to stop that one. Doesn’t make it much fun to compare best times with this exploit… There is however another exploit for quicker advancement that no one hasn’t spotted yet. Keep looking :smiley:


It is only a 4 lap race. I let cars go straight after crossing finish line, since they would otherwise block cars they might have lapped. Press enter to start next race.

Thanks, I will move the text down a bit.

I might reduce friction in walls, but it should be a bit of a challenge as well :wink: But I think you are right it is a bit too harsh.
OK two votes for removing wall texture. What should it be instead. Plain color is sort of ugly IMO.

Thanks for all the feedback. Keep it coming.

I really enjoyed this game! It made me wish I had some old 2600 paddles. :slight_smile:

I just discovered the 4k competition about a week ago, and this looks like a lot of fun.

I used it as an excuse to tackle an old stupid idea I had, and I am about 80 bytes of shaving away from submitting.

Great Game!


Have you tried Moogies 4KJO it is a great tool to automatically find the best (or at least one of the very best) compression settings. I really found it useful, thanks Moogie.

fun game !

ran fine on my mac with java 1.4

Lilian :slight_smile:

I think i found it ;D
When u won a round, just drive back and forth on the finishing line :wink:

At Level 53 u can be fast enough to get out of the sreen.
And alle the cars get stuck ;D
See this Pic

Cheers, i am glad people have found it useful. :slight_smile:

I am actually attempting to make my own class file optimiser which should theoretically reduce even output from the 4KJO.

What this class file optimiser will do is attempt different permutations of the classfile constant pool to try and find a more compressable permutation. It will alos attempt different permutations of order of attributes, methods, fields to likwise try and make the classfile more compressable. It will not actually change the actual bytecode (well it will change the references into the constant pool) so it should not break the behaviour of the class file.

Thanks for the link. I would use it, but I am a linux guy. I did however get my game shrunk down using some of his suggestions and submitted the game today, but my web host crashed while I was uploading files and the host is still down, so who knows when the game will actually be posted. In the two years I have used I have never failed to bring down their server with either a file upload or a permission change (and this is not free web hosting). I think I may go back to netfirms soon, I usually had to do something really stupid with a semi-tested script to bring them down. (NOTE: I am not trying to bring these servers down).

Wow, didn’t really plan for it to be possible to make it to lvl 53 :slight_smile:

Well, I have put a limit to the reverse speed, so there is not as much cheating anymore, so best time comparisons should be more fair now. Even getting past lvl 8 should be really hard by now, but I have improved AI so that they don’t drive into walls as much now if you do get to lvl 10+.

Wall friction has been reduced and wall texture removed. I apparently looked horrible on LCD screens with slower refresh rate. I moved down the text a bit for linux users, hope it was enough. Let me know if it wasn’t. I think that was it. Still thinking about more collision effects, but not sure the space (or my time) is enough.

Let me know what you think about the changes.

I really love racing games. This one is really great for 4K! Is the source available?

It’s much better now, you’re right, the texture was awfull in my laptop screen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great game!

think the game link is wrong as it takes you to another game.