Results due soon

I will extend the community voting, and thus judging panel, for a few more days. Results will be published on Monday hopefully.


Still can’t access the site >:(

I’m curious about the result. =)

What you mean? ???, right? Always times out.
Apparently it’s up for other people though…

Times out for me, works fine using a proxy O.o
I’ll get to work on judging.

voting done!

much more pleasurable duty than the other voting i had to do this weekend: mandatory voting for a political party to run the state that I live in in Australia.

Mandatory voting? Doesn’t that encourage randomly voting without knowing who’s who?

surprisingly it doesnt seem to, or if it does it is lost in the sheer volume of votes. We do practice proportional representation so voting for minor parties is not a waste so people can feel that their views can be represented, maybe that makes a difference?

Community voting is closed. Both judging and community voting results will be published tomorrow, Tuesday!

I’m still curious about the results. :wink:

And a link to the desktop launcher on the first page would be nice.

I woke up in the middle of the night in sweat and “omg… the 4k results!!”

Been so busy with work. I’m working on it now, publish by midnight.


Quite interesting that the community voted for a movement puzzle game to be 2nd place.

First place was well deserved.

And well done for all entrants… shame that my entry is sill in progress :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done for all the entrance, and especially big thanks to the judges for putting in the time on the write ups.