Resizing a picture but still keeping it look pixelated?

Ok so I’m making icons for my android game and the one I made looks crisp, clean, and pixelated just like I want it. I want to resize it and still keep it looking the same, for higher resolution devices. Is that possible?

Nice and crisp:

Blurry and horrible:

I may be wrong here but I believe you can only scale up without distortion if you created the art using vector graphics. I believe you can scale down nicely but scaling up goes wrong

There is a trick in Photoshop (sometimes it doesn’t work).

  • Alt Ctrl I.
  • Change the last box to:Nearest Neighbor.

Here is the same image with 500x500:

Ah :smiley: that’s good to know!

Well I don’t have photoshop so I’m screwed. I just ended up making a high resolution icon and then continously lowering it down for the rest of them.

Use GIMP 2. It has functions to resize and you can use different kinds of filters (interpolation, etc.) that allow you to do what you needed without having a PS or aload of work :slight_smile:

Or, works great. I do this kind of scaling up stuff all the time with no problem!

That’s exactly what im using and its turning out blurry

If you have the scale tool selected, you can choose the interpolation type in the Tool Options dialog. It defaults to Cubic, but if you set it to Linear or None, you can get what you’re looking for. (not sure which one it was, just test it out :))

Linear will also be blurry for pixel art.

For Paint.NET you want the Image menu > Resize > set Resampling to Nearest Neighbor.

Thank you! :DDDD