Render GLCanvas with PGraphics


I am trying to integrate a component which is extending a GLCanvas in my existing application. My problem is, that I am already using a Java framework in which I can not add a GLCanvas by using the “add(comp)” method. I can not use this “add(comp)” method because all UI Elements of the other framework which I am using are then behind the added GLCanvas.

In order to render visible objects in this framework, there is a method which is called on every frame and this method gets a “PGraphics” object as an argument.

Would it be possible to integrate the GLCanvas-component in the existing application by directly rendering the GLCanvas with the help of this PGraphics (or PGraphicsOpenGL) object?


I assume you’re using Processing. You should ask your question on the official JogAmp forum as one of the main contributor of this library often comes here especially since he decided to port it to JOGL 2.

Yes, the other framework is build with processing.
Ok, I will give it a try with the other forum. Thanks for your answer!