Remakes vs. Original Games

Are there any points to differentiate remakes (or adaptions) and new original games?

I did a remake too, so the challenge was just to fit and keep the original game characteristics in 4K and nothing else.

Maybe for next contest we could think something about it.

First the obligatory ‘there are no new games, just old ones with different graphics’.
Otherwise, why should there be a separation? I could imagine new ideas will result in better scores then rehashing old ones.

I was inspired by Markus Persson and did a remake this year (robot unicorn attack). The technical issues of compressing the game was very challenging and was the main reason for me to create the game. To explore and see new types of problems I’m not used to.

It’s all for the lulz anyways :slight_smile:

hmm, yes, I must agree with that. Thinking a little better, it’s very rare to see a new inovate game around. And besides that the good old classic games never die. It’s really great to see some Atari remakes around. For next year I’m planning some remakes for the MSX computer (hope I have time). It had a plenty of good games and since it was popular mostly in Brazil and Japan, I think lots of people doesn’t know its games.

Anyway, the reamkes category was just a suggestion. Otherwise we could add other categories, like best shooter game, best rpg, best arcade, best fps, etc…