Relive the forum or making it a bonfire

Hey guys!
The forum seems dead or were you guys so busy about work and coding?

Post a meme to relight the candel! here :point:

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at com.Main.main(

:o :o :o

Yes, it is a bit dead. All conversation/banter now occurs on Discord.

The What I Did Today thread remains interesting though. Hopefully there will be a few more spin-off threads emerge from that one.

Cas :slight_smile:

there’s just nothing interesting being posted here for me to reply on :smiley:

Well we dont want to always getting this message you know

so i’m making this

new Happiness(JGO.getPeople(hadezbladez) ); :point:
or we can make more idea how we can make something just do whatever you want guys…

or post a code like this to make it something interesting!

[quote]All conversation/banter now occurs on Discord.
@princec: I think we’ve had that before, but again: not really.

The Discord and the forum really only have an intersection of about 4 or so active users.

It has attracted a number of users who have never once even been here and a lot of people there simply left the forum because they lost interest and just happened to stick around the Discord/IRC because it does not really take any effort to contribute there.

I check back quite a lot and enjoy reading the what I did today, plus the old posts are still relevant.

I am not really a fan of Discord

No, not a discord… my Weakness… ;D ;D ;D ;D