Recording GamePlay - Android

So I have started to develop android games and really enjoying it. I would like to show development with friends and internet fellows but can current only do screen shots. Does anyone know how to video record the screen, of for example a Nexus 7.

Sorry if wrong thread.


Z-ScreenRecorder or screencast maybe, could you use an emulator and then use Fraps or maybe Quicktime if your on a mac?

I always run it on desktop then record it.

You dont, you take the desktop version and use fraps for example.

but you didn’t say libgdx specifically… meaning you could just be using the android sdk.

I personally, would set up a good camera with a tripod, lights out - the way serious game reviewers record nintendo ds games for example

other than that maybe with a really strong tablet and some android recording software on there

EDIT: I just remember there are many desktop programs which take the video output of the phone and transmit it to the desktop via usb
because the remote apps work like this
you could record it that way, if its fast enough

Thanks guys. I am doing it directly through the android sdk, because you know I like a challenge. So I will try out the different ideas.