read and draw mdl model in java

some days ago,i wrote a class to read and draw md2 file,and it works corretly
now i want to write a program to read mdl file
can anyone give me some references? thanks a lot

Single frame? Or did you actually get it to animate? Memories here, I too claimed that I was able to draw them, yet it took me three years before I actually had one moving :wink:

As per your question, you’ll have to be more specific here. Are you talking about the half-life MDL format? If so there are a few C++ loaders available which you could attempt to translate into Java, but I tell you now that at least when I made an attempt to do so (years ago) I simply gave up because the C/C++ code was too hairy to translate, at least for me. The fact that no Java code seems to exist even today, as far as I can find with a simple Google query, at least makes me feel a little better - perhaps I wasn’t too dumb to do it after all :wink:

This OpenGL benchmark that was posted a few days/weeks ago had a model test which rendered two Half-Life 2 models (no animation though), so there should be some Java code out there for loading that file format. I can’t find that thread though because the search function is being stupid.

thanks to your reply
yeah,i get the md2 model to animate
yeah,i am talking about the half-life MDL format
there are a few C++ loaders available ,but translate it into java is not a easy job
i tryed,but failed,maybe some mistakes i have not find.
Have someone succeeded to do this?