Random Thoughts - 14+ games with several more on the way

Hey all. I represent Random Thoughts Entertainment. We have been around for a while, and offer free java games.
I only recently found this forum, and it seems like a perfect place to get people to check out our games. Some of them are almost 10 years old, some were released earlier this week.

Please check them out and give me some feedback. We are always trying to improve and make the best java gaming library on the web.

Silent Frontier - a space RTS

Treasure Keeper - TBS fantasy game

Mercenaries of Dosbar - TBS RPG… our most successful game

Red Phoenix - Side scrolling space shooter

Rex the Red Adventures - Action RPG, Zeldaesq

Ghostie Quest - Side scrolling platform game

Orbs - Our newest puzzle game

And plenty more. You can check out our full list of games at http://www.randomthoughts.net/games/

Any and all feedback is appreciated. Also, if you check out our Lab, you can see the projects that are currently under construction:

Thanks for the Feedback!
~ Random

Fine but I see only 2D games… Do you create 3D games too? Why do you sometimes advise to use Internet Explorer? I think Microsoft has enough money to pay for its own advertising.

Some of our older games were made optimized for IE 4. Everything these days is optimized for Firefox/Opera

We only have 3d demos, our first finished 3d games are probably a year off.

~ Random

Ooh nice, glad to see this site is still in development! I used to check regularly (every week or so at least, sometimes more often) for new updates, but it seemed to be idle for a while.

Wasted many many hours on it. Mercenaries and Treasure Keeper can be huge time sinks.

Also noticing other new post about Rex the Red game, very good news! Will be playing that shortly :slight_smile:

Nice to hear some people remember us.

Yes, we were down for a few years, and then just trying to get our old stuff working for a while. In November of last year we started working to revive the site and start coming out with new projects. Our biggest current project is an expansion to Mercs.

~ Random

website not working anymore? :frowning: I remember playing your games many years ago, loads of fun