Quark - Game Framework

Hello!, I’ve working for a long time on my engine (Framework since it lacks of scene) and recently i decide to share it to the world.

You can take a look at it here: https://github.com/Wolftein/Quark-Engine

  • Excessive documentation of the code.

  • Cool and easy API.

  • Support for Synchronous and Asynchronous resources

  • Support for desktop (Using LWJGL3) and browser (Using TeaVM)

  • Support for PNG, DDS, WAV (static, streaming), OGG (static streaming) with custom loaders.

  • Support for OpenAL 1.0

  • Support for OpenGL 2.1/3.3 - OpenGL ES 2.0/3.0 - WebGL 1.0 (Support for every extension and emulate those possible)

  • Contains a prototype custom shader loader to be able to emulate missing features on previous opengl versions using XML (https://github.com/Wolftein/Quark-Engine/blob/master/Quark/src/main/resources/Data/Pipeline/Default3D.pipeline

(Currently my friend is hosting some simple stuff made with the engine, for those who like to see stuff)

Example 1
Example 2 (Press P)

Your packaging seems backwards. That, and you use ‘java’ in your package cluster. is quark.java.org a thing? Or… main.java.org/quark?

One interesting feature that I see right off is OGG and DDS support. I haven’t looked into the construction of DDS files.
Another one would be full legacy support, including website.

Hi, thanks for your feedback!.

The package of the framework is org.quark (I believe you are seeying at the gradle folder)

Yeah you have two folders from the root. Weird.

Not weird at all - that’s the recommended folder structure if you intend to use gradle

Cool stuff, both demos displayed for me and I was able to move with WASD.
I’ve never heard of TeaVM before. An interesting java byte-code to javascript compiler.