Q*Bert (1982+) remake

Hello again !!!

This is my latest java 2D game project in progress: Q*Bert Remake

For now, it actually has only 1 level, i.e., all levels are the same … hope i can implement different levels later :slight_smile:

update 26/jan/2020 19:40: i’ve just implemented all 1~9 levels (but it still needs to adjust the speed of each level later)

Implemented in java 8 using just standard libraries (java 2D, Swing, AWT), so no external libraries required.

Keyboard Controls:

[Up, Down, Left and Right] keys: move Q*Bert

Thanks :slight_smile: !

Link to download Runnable Jar [java 8]: https://github.com/leonardo-ono/Java2DQBertGame/raw/master/dist/JavaQBert.jar (925KB)

Link to download Runnable Jar [java 8] / Source code (release v0.0.1): https://github.com/leonardo-ono/Java2DQBertGame/releases/tag/v0.0.1

Source code: https://github.com/leonardo-ono/Java2DQBertGame