Prophour23 - a fast-paced, randomized RTS

Vote on Greenlight It’s greenlit now, thanks!

  • strategy
  • procedurally generated
  • emphasis on mechanics
  • short and replayable
  • inspired by Spelunky, Super Hexagon and Atom Zombie Smasher

It looks like this:

I’m working on a game that is both strategic and real-time, but isn’t an RTS in a traditional sense (like Starcraft). A single playthrough will take you about 15 minutes, if you’re good. But the next one will be different. And another one as well.

Game site

And a trailer (with gameplay!) as well:

I love the art style, like from a old medicine book. The concept is also nice, i wouldnt come up with something like this haha. I voted already on greenlight and hope it works out ;D Also, shouldn’t this be on showcase? It looks finished and for sure is not a toy project or tool.

Thanks! I put it in the WIP section, since it’s not done yet. The gameplay part is 85% ready, I’m working now on other screens (menu, game over…), transitions, audio and general polish.

As a part of ongoing polish work I wanted to animate bugs’ death somehow. Here’s how it looked like recently:

It just disappears. Not very cool!
I just got an idea how I want it to look like and I implemented it.

The effect actually consists of 4 parts:

  1. A dying insect breaks down into a few parts.
  2. There’s a simple particle effect on top.
  3. A stain is created underneath. It is animated, so it “spills” from the insect.
  4. The dead parts attract other small insects, which feed on such carcasses.

The 4th part needs a little bit more work, but I’m quite satisfied how it all turned out.

I just love it! The art style and the concept it’s great! I voted on greenlight.
Are you coding it in java? If so what lib’s do you use?

Thanks! It’s actually greenlit by now :slight_smile:
Yes, I’m coding it in Java with my beloved libgdx.

Hey, I saw a blog entry on that death animation on /r/gamedev not too long ago, and now you show up here! Congratz on getting greenlit!

Wow. Greenlit already? Congrats! Looks like a cool concept. I like how the little bugs come clean up the body of the larger insect when it dies. :point:

When will be the demo out, cant wait!?

Thanks guys! I’m surprised that this Greenlight thing went so well. I’ll try to push forward at higher pace now!

This weekend I worked on the title screen:

A week ago my computer stopped working (beware of thunderstorms, guys!). I was unable to even turn it on… I spent two days digging inside and it turned out that my motherboard and hdd died. Not that bad! I was afraid I’d have to replace all of the parts, which would be a financial problem (especially since I don’t want to run any preorders nor a Kickstarter campaign). I bought and installed a new motherboard, reinstalled Windows (sigh…) and I’m ready to work!
Fortunately I had quite recent backups, I lost just an evening’s worth of work on Prophour23.
The bad part is that I made almost no progress this week.
I just started to work on a proper main menu screen, here’s a sneak peek:

wow! :o
In my statistics you’re quite unlucky, though… Lightning struck in a friend of mine’s garden (~10m away from his desk) while he had his PC turned on. He said he heard noise on his headphones, but nothing’s broken for him…

So yeah, my statistics consist of two individuals, but still :smiley:

I’ve had lightening strike nearby outside, I was listening to music on my earphones at the time, and the one in my left ear was shot out of my ear with a (to me) loud bang and blueish-white flash of light in my peripheral vision. Scared the shit out me. Amazingly it wasn’t broken either.

When will the demo be avalable if you plan a demo?

Actually, there is a playable WebGL version here. It’s not a very recent build, but if you want to play, then go on :slight_smile: Works best in Chrome.

I’m working hard on Prophour23 and I can see the finish line now. Not much left! The game’s about 95% done. I need to finish the final scene and I’m waiting for one more music track - and that’s it!
I’m also looking into integrating Steamworks features that would make sense in Prophour23. I like Achievements and Steam Cloud, so these will be probably implemented.

I made the store page visible, so you can add it to your wishlist (if you wish :)) and share:

Latest shot:

Prophour23 is available now!

Launch trailer:
Humble Widget (comes with a Steam key!):

Hey, your game just showed up on NeweggTV Yolk’d!

Congrats on the release!