Project owner

A Mr. mkbluesky has requested project ownership of Xith3d on I am not sure who that is. I am not at all opposed at moving the project owner to someone else, but I would like this board to make the decision.

Please let me know.

Dave Yazel

I issue the blessing to Amos (aka BlueSky) for granting him ownership. Ok, You maybe don’t know me, too. So my word my not have the weight for you… 8). He just requested ownership to place a message on the page, that says “We moved to souceforge. Never commit here anymore.” So there shouldn’t be a problem, since he probably will never use the ownership after placing this message.


Just curious… why the move away from

We wanted Subversion, which wasn’t provided by Well, they told me, that it actually is, but anyway sourceforge is much more comfortable.


Hi David !

I’m the “Mr. mkbluesky” ;D Actually I’m pretty surprised you don’t know me / haven’t recognized me…

Unfortunately I tend to find difficult to reach you, it’s always a pleasure to see you on these boards. Just curious (too) are you planning to do any further work on Xith3D ? (Sorry if the question has already been asked…)

Marvin said my intentions asking for project ownership.


Amos Wenger has been doing a really good job recently with the project, he now manages the community web site as well.

Hope everything is going well! ;D


Thanks Will.

Yes, everything couldn’t go better, except we’re a bit over-whelmed by lots of people who are getting started with it, but hey a renewal is not a small thing (thank Marvin 8) ).