Proguard include library warnings

Hey, I have a problem.
I am trying to use proguard and I include quite a few libraries:
rhino javascript, jbox2d, poly2tri, slf4j, lwjgl, etc.

When i try to obfuscate my jar, I have to add these dependencies.
The problem is, they all have dependencies, which have dependencies, …
It looks like I have to end up adding over 100 different libraries in, even though they aren’t actually needed to run the unobfuscated jar file.

Is there an easier / better way to do this?

If they aren’t needed, how are they dependencies? Proguard should eliminate any class you don’t actually use (and some you do, like jdbc drivers, unless you tell it to keep them). If unused codepaths of your libraries pull in extra dependencies you don’t need (such as a scripting API you don’t use), you might need to use the GUI to tell it to prune those packages out first.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I accidentally also added my library jars as program inputs (rather than library inputs). oops xD