Proguard GUI - don't obfuscate 1 class

Hi, I am trying to obfuscate my code, all of it except for one class inside one package.
I just want this class’s methods not to be renamed.

I clicked “add” on keep additional classes and member names, (in obfuscate section)
then set the class name to mypackage.myclass, changed all access to required,
then went add “method”, kept that as default except changed all access to required again.

But it still renames all the methods.
What am I doing wrong?


Uh, what software are you using?

[edit: oops, reading fail–Proguard GUI it is]

Does that class extend/implement another class that was obfuscated?

nope, its a simple class, although it does import a class that is obfuscated and a member variable that is obfuscated if that changes anything.

import someobfuscatedpackage.SomeObfuscatedClass;

public class SimpleClassNoObfuscation
      private static SomeObfuscatedClass something;
      private SimpleClassNoObfuscation(){}
      public static void doSomething(SomeObfuscatedClass a){something = a;}

Doesn’t this mean that you only want to keep the existing names of public final abstract enum annotation interfaces? What happens if you leave all those as “Don’t care”?

You are right. It’s quite confusing. In the classes, I have to put “Don’t care” for all, but in the methods, I had to tick keep all. ALSO, in shrinking i had to do the same thing (I didn’t do this before and it moves methods somewhere else and renamed them anyway)

Thanks pjt33 :slight_smile: