Proguard and javax.script

Hi, I am trying to obfuscate my program, although there are a HEAP of method names I need to keep because they are being called by scripts.
Is there a fast way to do this in a .pro file?

instead of

-keep public class package1.class1
void function1(java.lang.String);
void function2(float);

boolean function2000()

-keep public class package100.class100


otherwise this is going to take forever! >:(

I bet you could generate the .pro file pretty easily with some perl. Right tool for the job and all :slight_smile:

Try using the proguardgui.jar GUI app. It has lots of options and can generate your .pro file for you :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: I didn’t notice this.

Is there a way to keep all public methods except for constructors,
and rename everything else (packages,class names, private methods and constructors)?

Oh, I need to keep the package and class names too…

Is this bad?

If someone really wanted to they could compile and edit my code ???