Programming is fun! Who wants to make a small game and open-source it?

Hey everyone!

As per title, I am looking to see if a few people want to pair up and make a small game of some kind. We keep it open source and free to use. License suggestions would be great.

Anyone down to make something small and fun? I was planning on using libGDX and Java. I was thinking a small game and then just polish the sh*t out of it and show it off with code. :slight_smile:

Open to any and all ideas! Just want to have fun and possibly learn a thing or two.

  • Andrew

EDIT: As requested, a discord server was created for communication! Feel free to join here:

I’d be in, depending on the details. Never used libGDX tho :slight_smile:

I am down for pretty much any game. I am interested in making like a small like a Legend of Zelda game (original nes version). For a long time I have always found top down games to be more my flavor. However, I am down to make anything. My goal is to collab with others, have fun, and learn some of the techniques deployed by other programmers while making the project. Ya know what I mean?

I think we should sit together and have a discord, skype, teamspeak meeting :slight_smile:

Sounds pretty cool.
I have an idea of a game in my mind for a pretty long time now and worked out a few details about it.
However, I never had the courage to actaully start it, as I use to abandon my projects :-\

I used LibGDX for a few projects so I know a bit about it.

As you already suggested, I wouldn’t discuss the details here, but in some chatroom.
What about Google Hangouts?

Sounds good! Any ideas how we could make an appointment? Hopefully we can manage this somehow due to the timeshift from America and Europe. I’m relatively flexible regarding timings.

Discord: unenergizer #2872

My best days possibly are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Also I got a mic and I’m down with co-op coding through TeamViewer including GitHub.

I do not have access to the jgo discord :frowning: Mic is available :slight_smile:

@unenergizer I have sent you a friend request on discord :slight_smile:

@ral0r2 you don’t need access to the jgo dicord, you can just add unenergizer as a friend and we could open a server or create a group or something like that.

Ah I didnt know that. Added you :slight_smile:

Alright gentlemen I have added all of you. I am here today and ready to do some code!

@unenergizer can you open a discord server for us, so that we are all in the same chat room?
I’ll try to write down my idea in a google doc in the next few days. I’ll send you a link then, so that you can let me know what you think about it.

Discord server created! Anyone feel free to join!

(first post updated with discord link)