[Producer for Hire] Volunteer Project Manager / Producer / Assistance Producer

I been taking the role of a Project Manager / Producer in my lasts jobs because of my organization skill and my special orientation to help the team finish the project effectively. I started as a Programmer/Developer, then jumped as a Game Designer, and then PM/Producer.

My tasks included game design iterations planning, development stages planning (or sprints), review documents, documentation of changes, meeting scheduling and itinerary, tasks management and distribution, team evaluation, game iterations evaluations and it’s documents, team communication assistance, development methodologies introduction to team, week review and improvements, etc. All this tasks on a regular mobile developer position and as game dev and designer.

I got now a radio app, 3 games, and an almost finished game, all managed/developed/designed at some extent (last 2 games where completly managed by me).

Im in the middle of a Project Manager Professional course now and want to keep my practice up, so I’m volunteering as Producer / Project Manager to help small or big or one-man-army teams organise task, organise changes, setup milestones, etc. , getting all the paperwork and planning a video game development project can need, and eventually ship the game in time with the pretended quality and with the pretended cost.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope my skill can boost a project to get it on the next level, any project is welcome (no matter big or small) because my passion is more about delivering :slight_smile: