Procedural Adventure Game Generator

My game will be my first take on procedural game generation. Essentially it will be a classic adventure-game with a graphical camera-style similar to old dungeon games such as “Eye of the beholder”. All graphics will be procedurally generated as well, and they will be reminiscent of the old Atari-games in style.

The goal of the game will be to get out of the “dungeon”. The map generator will give the end-user the ability to define some parameters such as map size, difficulty and so on. I have an infinite-mode ready as well for those whom are really bored!

Here’s a sexy screenshot (8x size):

Yes, it isn’t very pretty to look at, however i’m terrible with graphics, and it is easy to generate this without using any external resources :slight_smile:

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Looks pretty cool! The idea of a procedural dungeon I think could work very well. Post more when you’ve got it!

You wouldn’t understand why I made that comment. If you were in my shoes you would understand.

@serious point/topic:
Are you using the standard Graphics class johan?

what about jquest2d, smb clone, minigolf etc ???

@^: because I have no clue who are you and i wish to know you better for lulz

what about jquest2d, smb clone, minigolf etc ???

@fat_cookies why did you modeify your post??

i think this Game would be a very good idea but it sounds alot complicated, i am interested to see how he does it (Like how do you useing a procedure to generate the Maps)

also i am worreid because johan wasLooking at the topic but did not make a reply, this is not well for the future

That doesn’t matter. That kind of language is unacceptable on JGO. Lucky you got that post in before the banhammer went off. :slight_smile:

I think it’s an intersting graphics style you got.