Problem with implemented game Loop

Hello, I have to write a 2D game for school. First of all, I know awt/swing are deprecated and not made for this case, but our teaches wants it that way, I can change it after submitting.

This is my first game and I’m really not into the topic, so I read some stuff about game loops, inter- and extrapolation. I copied one Game Loop out of the forum’s tutorial section and changed small things.

1st question: Why does my frame loop run at physics loop^2 when the phyloop has > 30Hertz ?

2nd Question: The player Figure (Ape) stutters a bit, even though (I think) I have interpolation. How can I fix this?

Thx in advance,


Can you post the code snippet where you have the issue? Also can you expand on what you mean by physics loop^2 etc. There are some helpful tips here