I’ve just submitted my entry for this years competition, hopefully it will appear on the site ASAP.
The game is basically a 2.5D demake of Portal with music. I’ve worked hard on this game so i hope
you like it, i might be able to squeeze in 1 or 2 more levels before deadline.


If you have problems starting the game, please turn off all other sound sources. If it still doesn’t
work, give me a shout.

The synth and tracker will be released after the competition ends.

Wow! Very nice port.

I have a lot of difficulty getting the jump to respond, whether I use “W” or space. If I just hold down the key, the character occasionally jumps.

The biggest difference that caught me by surprise was that you can die by falling!

Also, the “portal physics” (speedy in, speedy out) seem a bit fiddly, in terms of maintaining the momentum direction on the exit. I can imagine that this would be tricky to get right, and is more of a minor point.

But, again, the game is very impressive.

FUN! :smiley: thats what i had while playing it.
What i did not exactly got, were the areas where i could shoot, and where i couldn’t. Marking these a bit better wont be a bad idea me thinks :).
Finished all btw, make more! :smiley:

Nice game!.
Maybe seeing the area where a portal can be placed (transparent hover at pointerpos)
would be cool. Should be able to use the “trace” as for placing the portals.

Great work! can’t figure out way to pass lvl 4.

OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING! Great job! :slight_smile:

The jump behavior is very strange. What system are you running? I’ve tried it on both slow and fast computers but the input response have always worked. The physics can be a bit strange, i had to cut corners. ‘die by falling’ is actually when you fall though the floor. As for the portal they don’t adjust to from which way you shoot them as in the real game, so that is one reason why they can feel fiddly :slight_smile:

elamre & Damocles:
Light gray areas can be shot at, might look different on certain monitors? With 10bytes to spare i don’t think i can project a portal on the wall but i might be able to squeeze in an aim. A very cool idea however.

My focus this year was to get music in the game so unfortunately a lot of eye-candy and features was thrown out.

I’m running on Windows with Firefox:

64-bit, quad-core, 3GHz system, though Firefox+Java are running in 32-bit space.

When I just tap the space bar, roughly 1 out of every 3 presses causes the figure to jump. It’s not consistent; sometimes it’s after 2 presses, sometimes after 5. When I have a direction key pressed, it’s even more erratic, up to 9 presses before a jump.

Even worse, if I press and hold the jump key, then keep a constant left/right motion (so I don’t die by falling in the level 1 trap), it never jumps. But, standing still with the jump key pressed causes the jump to happen with at most a 1 second delay between jumps.

However, that wasn’t enough to keep me from finishing all the levels.

I’ll try to tweak the input system a bit, i have some ideas of what may cause this.
Thanks for your help!

EDIT: Ok, just reread my code. And there shouldn’t be anything strange there, same inputcode as i used last year. I’ve noticed that mac users can’t run the game either, which is strange…

On mac, the game receives the input but it’s only the animation that reacts to it…

I am also experiencing same issues as Groboclown. The space bar doesn’t always cause the character to jump.

Using Java 7 on Chrome.

Win7, Firefox Java6

Same issue, space only sometimes work. When I manage to jump I sometimes die from landing (it looks like I fall through the floor). When going in/out of portals the physics seems really weird and level 4 is more or less unplayable because of it. Other than that, nicely done with the size limitation :slight_smile:


Thanks this was an unexpected turn, because it works very well on bot my laptop and my computer at work.
The problems might be caused by too fast or too slow fps. I’ve updated a version with a 20-60fps limit.
If you could try it out i would appreciate it very much.

The jump button seems to work fine now, but now the fps is crappy :stuck_out_tongue:

Okey thanks a lot, I’ll fix this issue ASAP :slight_smile:

EDIT: So does it work now perhaps? :slight_smile:

It’s working much, much better now. It’s very playable now.

I just encountered a collision detection bug - on the 5th level (I think, the one with the two diagonal jumps up and down) I launched sideways and walked through the left-hand wall in mid-air. This might be because of some tweaks you made to the physics code? It’s pretty minor, though, and as soon as the character when off screen, the game recognized it as a death and started the level over, so it worked itself out.

It still misses the jump button sometimes, I fell through the floor a couple of times and died when I landed on a portal. It is a lot better than before though.


No, it has happened before, that’s why the check was implemented :slight_smile: I didn’t have enough space to implement the collision detection properly so it’s only done in one step. Hence the artifacts…

Sad to hear that it still doesn’t work properly. But on the flip side, at least it works.

Anyway, what do you think about the aim? Is it counter intuitive with the colors?

Holy oranges on steroids, I love how the room rotates with you. The physics can mess up a bit(slow down when doing the infinite portal thing after a few travels) but hey, it’s a tiny game, and it’s better than I could ever do in my entire life xD Nice job!

Thanks! Yes, it’s a “time lock” on the portal transitions. It’s an ugly, but small, hack to fix the floor to floor portal scenario.

Very good and impressive game ! Stuck on level 5. Futhermore, I’m not sure about the music. It is cool, although it seems there is a bit of extraneous noise. Is it voluntary, or is there a problem with my computer ?