Port Mapper port forwarding library

Hi all,

Wasn’t sure if I should announce this on the tools board or here, but I’ve released a new a version of my library that does port forwarding on NAT-enabled routers. You can find it at https://github.com/offbynull/portmapper.

This should be a pretty useful tool for you devs that are working on P2P networked games. Advantages that it has over existing Java port forwarding libs …

  • Supports all 3 port mapping protocols: UPnP-IGD, NAT-PMP, and PCP
  • Supports both new and old UPnP-IGD service types – including the IPv6 firewall service
  • It’s been tested on all the major platforms: Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac

If you do happen to use it and you notice a bug, don’t hesitate to make a bug report. I’ll do my best to fix it quickly.