"Pokemon Style" RPG & In-Game Editor [open source]

Pokémon © is a trademark of Nintendo:

I needed break from 3D stuff so I spent a day making this little Java2D application. Some features aren’t perfect, but I will be wrapping it up here soon. Hopefully this helps some beginners :slight_smile:

Direct image URL: http://i.imgur.com/ZQrjbPT.png

“Features” include smooth movement / animation system, tile / clipping editor in-game, sort of attachable gear… other small things. Project is ready to go just add it to your preferred IDE and run the Engine class


  • wasd/arrow keys = walk around (if no editor mode is opened, left click a tile to fast travel)
  • Press T for tile editor (left click a tile to texture it, also keys 1-3 = different tiles)
  • Press C for clipping editor (left click a tile to toggle clipping)
  • Press H to equip a red partyhat
  • Press G to toggle the region grid
  • Press B to toggle bicycle
  • Right click to place a shrub

The sprites are all public domain as far as I know (although they’re probably only Pokemon sprites that have been tweaked), and the partyhat is made by me (also public domain)


Suggested features welcome? If I have energy I’ll add simple particles and more attachable gear. Maybe 2 player mode…